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Antoinette’s Review of Balin Law

autism awareness ribbonAntoinette’s son was determined disabled with Autism. Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration tried to cut Antoinette’s son off of disability benefits so Antoinette called Balin Law. Here is Antoinette’s experience with our firm:


My son has Autism. Can we get disability benefits?


“My son is Autistic. He was determined that he was disabled years ago at age 22. At the end of 2015, the Social Security Administration decided “he was better” for some reason even though you can’t “get better” with Autism. We worked with another firm that wasn’t practicing Social Security Disability anymore, so that firm referred us to a firm they trusted and that was Balin Law. We received a favorable decision in October of 2016. I have zero complaints. I worked with Paulette Balin and her team. They fought for our case and won and we were re-instated disability benefits for my son.”


Does your child have Autism?

Seeking disability benefits for your child with Autism? Call our office today and get answers to your questions. Toll-free at 866-492-2546