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Lorraine’s Review of Balin Law

human heartLorraine has heart failure and was advised by her doctor that she shouldn’t be working. Here is Lorraine’s story: 


Why did you hire Balin Law?

“I go to a counselor and my counselor recommended Balin Law. I have heart failure and my doctor advised me to get disability because he didn’t want me working and so I looked to file for disability and I was told it would be more difficult to win a case if I didn’t have an attorney.”


What was your experience working with Mira Chopra?

“Mira knows what she is doing, and she is very competent and has a very take-charge approach. Mira was really clear about what would happen with my case so there weren’t any surprises.” 


Any additional comments?

“Balin Law gets the job done. Sometimes things can take time to get done, but Balin Law and Mira are competent in what they do, which is Social Security Disability.”


Are you or someone you know diagnosed with heart failure and are unable to work like you once could? Call Balin Law today at 866-492-2546 to set up a free consultation. Get the answers and benefits you deserve.