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Spinal Fusion and Filing a Disability Claim

spinal fusion screws in spineSpinal Fusion and Disability Benefits

Roger came to Balin Law because he had a spinal fusion done and he couldn’t work anymore. According to OrthoInfo, a spinal fusion is a surgical procedure done to correct the small bones in the spine (also known as the vertebrae).


What is a spinal fusion?

A spinal fusion is a welding process that fuses together the painful vertebrae into a solid, single bone. Spinal fusions are typical done to alleviate pain from people who suffer from degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, spine fractures, spinal infections, spinal tumors, and more. Roger’s first disability lawyer quit practicing law so his lawyer referred Roger to Balin Law with confidence. 


“I really didn’t experience any challenges working with Balin Law. It was just a waiting game with my case. My case was pretty simple. It was pretty clear I was disabled, so we were just waiting on the government. Balin Law is a good law firm and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to file a disability claim.” – Roger P., Balin Law client.


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