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Disability Benefits for Long COVID

June 24, 2022
Disability Benefits and Long Covid with Disability Attorney Melissa Yasinow

If you are no longer able to work because of Long COVID symptoms, you may qualify to receive Social Security Disability Benefits.

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Social Security Scams; What you should know

May 27, 2022

People who are aware of scams are less likely to be scammed, so it’s important that you know what kind of scams are out there. Share this information with others and especially people you know whom may be more susceptible. The AARP refers to social…

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Why Is My Disability Claim Taking So Long? The Levels of Adjudication Explained

April 6, 2022

Why does it take so long for the Social Security Administration to make a decision on my disability claim? Learn the reasons here.

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What is the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process?

March 22, 2022
Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process

Every disability (SSDI, SSI, LTD) claim must follow the 5 step sequential evaluation process to determine whether or not a claimant is disabled.

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Can I Apply for Disability and Early Retirement at the Same Time?

March 7, 2022
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Can I apply for Social Security disability and early retirement at the same time? Should I? Balin Law lays out the pros and cons.

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Working While Your Disability Claim is Pending: A Delicate Balance

January 18, 2022

Working while disabled or when your claim is pending is a delicate balance. Social Security Disability benefits are for people who are unable to work. However, because claimants still need to eat and have a roof over their heads, stopping work entirely isn’t always realistic.…

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Two Balin Attorneys Selected by Super Lawyers

January 11, 2022

Super Lawyers has named two Balin Law attorneys for the 2nd year in a row; principal attorney, Paulette Balin and attorney Matthew Shupe. Shupe has been on the Super Lawyers list of “Rising Stars” for 8 straight years.

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Returning to Work: How Does That Affect My Disability Claim?

December 21, 2021

While waiting for a Social Security disability claim to be decided, a person might return to work for different reasons. Bills that need paid might be piling up exponentially, or a person might feel their condition has improved to a point where they can return…

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Social Security Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2022

November 2, 2021

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced a 5.9% Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) for 2022. This means that people on Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are about to get a 5.9% increase in their benefits for 2022. We have listed some example dollar amounts from…

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COVID Long Haulers May Qualify for Disability Protections and Social Security Benefits

September 14, 2021
Covid-19 Long Haulers

In honor of the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (the ADA), the Biden Administration announced increased support for COVID Long Haulers who struggle with the lingering effects of COVID-19. As part of this support, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services…

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