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Balin Law 40th Anniversary: Serving the Disabled Since 1980

September 14, 2020

Since 1980, we are truly thankful for having had the opportunity to serve the needs of the disabled. We are humbled that people have entrusted us with the most important legal affairs to try to get them a stream of benefits, of disability benefits. My father was disabled, he was shot in 1973, and I saw how his paralysis affected him. When there’s a disability, it affects the whole family, it affects people’s income, it affects their self-esteem. And to be able to help provide that safety net for our clients is just a really very rewarding experience.

After Paulette graduated law school it didn’t take her long to open up a practice.

I had finished law school in 1978, and I clerked for the presiding judge of the Court of Appeals of the 11th Appellate District, which was a fabulous experience. And then I worked at a law firm, so I thought I want to give it a go. I put out a shingle and I sat in my office. And in those days, lawyers didn’t market, that was a big no, no. So the phone didn’t ring and it didn’t ring. And I thought, Paulette, you’re going to have to do something about this. So I just got active. I joined Womenspace and I got involved in different organizations. I just got lots of referrals, word of mouth. Everybody was happy. The client who needed that stream of income was happy, I got the Medicare benefits or Medicaid benefits. When I won the disability case, there was money for the children that were auxiliary benefits. By 1994, I said, this is it. I don’t want to do divorce work. I don’t want to do anything except help disabled people. My heart bleeds for them.

Over the years, Balin Law grew and opened 9 locations throughout Northern Ohio

balin law 9 convenient locations in ohio: ashtabula, lorain, canton, youngstown, toledo, beachwood, mentor, cleveland, cuyahoga falls

Over the years, we got so busy I added other lawyers. So it’s been great working with these good people. We’ve expanded, our business model was to have nine locations so that claimants who would have a difficult time coming to our main office in Mentor could come to us in Sheffield Village or in Ashtabula or in Toledo or Canton or Cuyahoga Falls. So we really try to be in many places to service our clients.

Paulette is grateful for her clients and everyone who has been part of Balin Law’s success

I am truly humbled to see the warmth in the community and the goodwill that has been generated towards us. There are so many mental health professionals, social workers, doctors that have been so kind we’ve represented their patients. And they’re kind enough to tell their patients good things about us. So thank you to the entire community for having been with us and sung our praises over the years.

Even after 40 years and thousands of cases, Paulette has never lost her passion for helping others

I feel at the end of the day, I come home feeling really satisfied that I’ve done a good day’s work. And I get up in the morning, eager to embrace the day and help new clients.


  1. George H. on October 28, 2020 at 5:07 pm

    I just saw your video on Denise’s Facebook page. I was really impressed by your professional presentation. Congratulations on “surviving” 40 years of service to others in need.

    • balinlawadmin on October 29, 2020 at 5:44 pm

      George, thank you for watching the video and appreciate your kind words!

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