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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Arthritis and Disability

Alan suffers from arthritis and an aching back. His wife, Lynn, had a good experience working with Balin Law to get the disability benefits she needed, so he called Balin Law to help him. Read Alan’s story.

Depression, Diabetes, Sleep Apnea & Back Pain

Donald suffers from diabetes, depression, sleep apnea and back pain. He wasn’t able to work, which made it difficult to put food on the table. He knew he had to do something so he called Balin Law. Read Donald’s story.

Partial Blindness, Mental Disorders & Disability Benefits

Melissa was blind in one eye, has bi-polar disorder with anxiety along with depression. “Without my attorney and the help from Balin Law, I would not have been approved.” Melissa was approved disability benefits in four months.

Social Security Disability Benefits After a Car Accident

Vicky was an able and capable person until she was suddenly struck in a horrible car accident that left her disabled. Vicky felt lucky to be alive but devastated as the car accident seriously limited her ability to work and function. Read Vicky’s experience hiring Balin Law.

Balin Law Takes Child’s Disability Case to Federal Court

Wanglee’s six-year-old son suffers from sensory dysfunction and a speech-language expressive disorder. Wanglee hired Social Security disability lawyers, Balin Law, to fight for her son in court. Balin Law took the case to Federal Court. Read more…

Social Security Disability Benefits For a Construction Worker

Gilbert was a construction worker for most of his life. In his last year of working, doctors found he’d ruptured vertebrae and had bulging discs leaving him unable to work like he once could. Read Gilbert’s experience filing for Social Security disability benefits.

Filing for Social Security Disability with Lung Cancer

People often ask our law firm if they can file for Social Security disability benefits when diagnosed with lung cancer (non-small cell, small cell and superior sulcus lung cancer). Read Michael’s experience filing for disability benefits after he was diagnosed with lung cancer and couldn’t work anymore.